Country Roads

The autumn trees were all ablaze with reds, burgundies, yellows, and oranges. Even the greens seemed greener as we drove the country roads just east of Templeton.

We found Chesebourgh Farms and admired their harvested pumpkins and their birdhouse mansion. We drove the back way home all the while loving the rolling hills and the horses and cows that grazed on them.
And just when we thought nothing could make our joy ride better, John Denver came on the radio and we all sang, “Take me home, country roads, to the place, I belong….”

Our joy didn’t end with the song. Oh, no. As we drove the rest of the way we came upon a flock of wild turkey hens and several clusters of deer scattered throughout the fields on both sides of the road.
We never know where we’ll be going or what we’ll be seeing as we pull out of Ingleside. But we do know we have the best country roads to get us there.

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