Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right assisted living home for your loved one can be a very confusing and chaotic time. We'd like to help by answering your questions. Click on the questions below to get more information. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

When Can I visit Mom or Dad?

No need to call ahead, come over anytime.

What happens if my mother’s health worsens? Will I have to move her?

We provide the highest level of care of all local communities. This means for most cases when someone moves into our community they do not need to move again.

How is the food?

We employ highly trained executive chefs, who oversee the menu, recipes, and food purchasing methods. We will put our culinary offerings up against any restaurant in Atascadero.

Are you Memory Care or Assisted Living?

We are both. Ingleside Assisted Living is a licensed community to provide help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, etc. In addition, we are Dementia / Memory approved, licensed by the State of California.

What is Memory / Dementia Care?

Care for those with Dementia is specialized care that a community needs to have special provisions by state regulations. Our community provides specially trained staff who are equipped to serve the specific needs of those with dementia. We also have special features for our community, including all the doors alarmed, video monitoring in all common areas, and, at our main building, a fenced in campus.

Can Mom still see her regular doctors?

Yes, you do not need to change your medical care providers. However, we have medical providers who visit our community and most of our residents choose to work with these health care professionals.

Do you accept LTC, MediCare, MediCal, etc.?

LTC (Long Term Care) Insurance is a reimbursement type of insurance, meaning they will pay you and not us. Our services do qualify for this type of insurance and we can assist with the process. Both MediCare and MediCal are health insurance and Assisted Living communities do not qualify for health insurance.

Does your community qualify for VA benefits?

Our services qualify for the VA Aid and Attendance pension/benefit. We know of some (free) advocates who can assist you with this process.

How high of care needs to you accept?

We seek to serve everyone, and therefore accept residents with very high care needs. It is not uncommon to have residents move here after being asked to leave other communities.

Can a resident stay if they go on Hospice?

Absolutely yes. Dislodging someone during that time of life doesn’t fit our philosophy of care. Our residents are able to stay in their residence while on Hospice.

How often will my mom / dad receive a shower?

The frequency is based on the desire of the resident and the family. We have a schedule that we follow once the frequency is established (upon move-in).

How often will you do housekeeping and change linens?

Housekeeping / Linen services are provided a minimum of twice per week.

Do you have a doctor or nurse on staff?

We are a non-medical community. However, we do have a doctor (if the resident is his patient) who visits our community regularly. We encourage our resident’s families to utilize his services. In addition, our Wellness Director is a nurse. She is on-site during normal business hours and is on-call 24 hours/day.

Is there someone to take care of my parent at night?

We have 24 hr / 7 days a week awake care for all our residents. In addition, we have a nurse on staff (our Wellness Director) who is on call 24 hours/day.

Do I still need to order medications?

No, we will manage the medication ordering and will also assist with taking the medications.

Are there extra fees for help with showering, dressing, etc.?

Our care services are included in the rent, there are no additional fees for showering, dressing, etc.

Is there a buy in? Is it a long term lease?

There is no buy-in, but there is a one-time entrance fee for new residents. Other than that we have a simple 30-day notice rental agreement.

Is there a fee to move in (ie. Community / Entrance Fee)?

Yes. There is a one-time entrance fee for new residents.

Are there added expenses as care increases?

We do not have care fees, all standard care is included in the rent. The exceptions are: high level of incontinence, two person transfer, and hospice. These extra fees help off-set our extra expenses.

Are there any “hidden” fees?

There are additional fees if someone has a high level of incontinence, needs a Hoyer lift (two-person transfer), or is on Hospice. The reason for these extra fees is to cover our extra expenses that are tied to these situations.

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